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Who is behind the motherboard stories you’re passing through?

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    Who We Are

    MotherboardTimes features expert-crafted content around motherboards to serve the internet users like you and provide them with effective solutions to their motherboard-related queries. 

    We know that motherboards are everywhere in the electronic devices we use here and there — including your computer, laptop, and even the smartphone right in your hand. With that at hand, our goal is to help you overcome any motherboard-related issue you face in any of these devices. 

    MotherboardTimes was started by Abdul Wahab a Tech Content Specialist who has done content strategy for celltrackingapps.com, bestparentalcontrolapps.com, and a range of other authoritative Technology blogs. 

    Over time, Abdul Wahab researched and learned more and more about motherboards — how they work and what they need to keep working in your devices. 

    Furthermore, having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science helped Abdul Wahab gain trustable knowledge regarding motherboards and other aspects of computers. 

    Our Writers

    Right at the moment, we have many writers contributing to our motherboard blog. When collaborating with writers, we take care to only work with Tech specialists to ensure we can deliver authoritative and trustable content around motherboards. 

    Furthermore, we also prioritize the candidates having a relevant Technology degree. With that at hand, our goal is always to deliver the most in-depth and actionable content around motherboards. 

    Abdul Wahab — Senior Writer & Chief Editor

    Abdul Wahab Content Writer

    Abdul Wahab is the senior content writer & editor at MotherboardTimes. He has been blogging at MotherboardTimes for quite a while, with a career in Technology back in 2018. 

    He holds specialization in writing about motherboards as he has real-time experience troubleshooting motherboards as well as holds a CS degree. You can visit Abdul Wahab’s Linkedin profile here.

    Furthermore, he is also responsible for editing everything that goes to our blog. Below are the editorial guidelines to give you an estimate of how we aim at producing the best quality content.

    Editorial Guidelines

    We understand that what leads our readers to our blog is their want for “quality” information around motherboards and motherboard-related Tech. That makes us reconsider the quality we’re putting into our work again and again.

    So, here, at MotherboardTimes, we take care to produce high-quality content around motherboards to provide our readers with evidence-backed, high-quality, and authentic information that they can trust. 

    Moreover, we take special care to keep all our content free of misinformation, bias, conflicts, ethical concerns, and so on. All of this is to ensure our readers are served well without any issue. 

    To ensure what we publish is high-quality, our editor professionally edits everything before we bring it to live on the blog. Our experienced editor performs checks over formatting, spelling, grammar, readability, and photo quality to ensure what we put on our blog is worth our readers’ time. 

    Regardless of whether it’s a product review article or a how-to guide, it passes through many quality checks and is written by professional blog writers that are experienced with the Technology niche. 

    Can You Trust MotherboardTimes?

    Though MotherboardTimes is a fairly new technology blog, there are experienced people behind it. All the information presented on MotherboardTimes in form of blog posts is passed through quality and fact checks to make sure we don’t misguide our readers.

    In fact, providing legit and accurate information is one of our main goals at MotherboardTimes, as we’ve seen many others spreading misleading information on the internet for the sake of fame and money. 

    General Writing and Editing Rules

    When we hand over a blog post project to a writer, we make sure they’re experienced with the Technology space in the first place. We want to make sure our readers get information from MotherboardTimes experts and take it trustable. 

    Then, if we’re assured that they’ve got good skills of researching and creating amazing and authentic content, we still make it a requirement to implement the following rules while writing and editing content:

    • Always Be Informative
    • Link Your Sources
    • Strict No Plagiarism Policy
    • Mind the Copyright Laws
    • Write Easy to Digest Content
    • Be Respectful
    • Be Honest
    • Be Concise, Professional, and Courteous

    Motherboard Times — General Overview

    MOTHERBOARD TIMES is an independent blog that publishes authoritative tutorials and review articles that revolve around the motherboard. 

    We came out just recently and as a Tech enthusiast team and take it as our responsibility to only post unbiased and in-depth content about motherboards and computers.

    After closely examining the content that’s already there on the internet, we’ve realized that most of it is biased and people seem to only promote the products that benefit them more. Also, not everyone is providing unique and genuine information. 

    So, we decided to take a stand and dive into creating the best motherboard-related content for our audience. Though it may sound crazy, we come with the goal of creating the most in-depth and genuine articles around motherboards on the internet. 

    We often try to go the extra mile for our audience by putting in infographics and descriptive images for the convenience of our visitors.