Best Intel LGA1151 Motherboards [Detailed Reviews]

Intel LGA 1151 Motherboards

The ultimate computing experience is not possible without a powerful motherboard. Your PC performance greatly depends on the motherboard you use. So, choosing the right motherboard for your computer is important.  As for the Intel LGA1151 motherboards, there are several reasons why they are the top contenders for users, particularly gamers. For instance, these motherboards … Read more

Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth? [Detailed Guide]

Do Motherboards Have Bluetooth

What if I told you that you could find out if your motherboard contains Bluetooth in only 5 minutes? In this article, I’ll answer “Do motherboards have Bluetooth” as well as teach you how to find if a motherboard has Bluetooth.  Simply put, most motherboards don’t have Bluetooth. The availability of Bluetooth in a motherboard … Read more

Why is Motherboard Important? [All You Need to Know]

Why is a Motherboard Important

You must have noticed the large green board within computer cases and you might be wondering why this green board (i.e. the motherboard) matters so much. So, really, why is a motherboard so important? A motherboard is important because it connects all your hardware parts and allows them to coordinate for your computer’s operation. There’s … Read more

How Long Does Motherboard’s CMOS Battery Last?

Motherboard CMOS Battery

Are you wondering how long the CMOS batteries of motherboards last? If yes, you’ve landed at the right place. In this guide, we’ll look into what motherboard batteries are, how long they last, and how you can make them last longer.  Simply put, CMOS batteries of motherboards typically last up to five years. Some of … Read more

What is AMD Fuel.service.exe [Uses + How to Remove It]

What is AMD Fuel Service

Let’s get it out there: you’ve come across an error whose cause is Fuel.service.exe and you’re unable to figure out an answer to “what is AMD fuel service (a.k.a Fuel.service.exe)”.  Is it some kind of virus infecting your computer? Or a legit file that is essential for your computer? AMD fuel service, also known as … Read more

How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD? [2023 Guide]

How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD

Installing motherboard drivers is pretty convenient, this guide shows you how exactly you can install motherboard drivers without a CD You can use Windows Update to update all the device drivers on your computer Driver Booster is an amazing alternative for the manual installation of motherboard drivers or you can also download them from the … Read more

Do Motherboards Have Integrated Graphics?

Does My Motherboard Have Integrated Graphics

Most motherboards nowadays lack integrated graphics. It’s because most people use dedicated graphics cards anyway, instead of the integrated graphics. However, the entry-level and mid-range motherboards usually include integrated graphics as their target users are likely to not attach a dedicated card to their computer.  Keep on reading to find out if your motherboard has … Read more