Are Motherboard Standoffs Necessary? [Don’t Be a Fool!]

Are Motherboard Standoffs Necessary

Let’s get it out there: you’re on the way to installing a motherboard on the computer and wondering if you should use the standoffs. So, are motherboard standoffs necessary? Of course, motherboard standoffs are important. They help to keep a distance between your motherboard and the case. Where standoffs help to keep your computer cool … Read more

What Are Motherboard Standoffs? [Why You Need Them]

What are Motherboard Standoffs

A motherboard standoff is a piece of metal that a screw is tightened up into Standoffs usually omes built into the computer case by default and don’t come with a motherboard. Why standoffs don’t come with a motherboard is because of compatibility; a motherboard has three main sizes while PC cases have hundreds of them. … Read more

Does Motherboard Affect FPS? [Truth Revealed 2022 + Infographic]

Does Motherboard Affect FPS

The motherboard does not directly affect the FPS It actually serves as a communication link between hardware parts that influence gaming The faster this communication is, the more FPS you get Therefore, the motherboard can affect FPS one way or another One of the biggest misconceptions among games is “does motherboard affect FPS or gaming?”. … Read more

Can Motherboard Bottleneck GPU in 2022 [ + Infographic]

Can Motherboard Bottleneck GPU

Let’s get it out there: you’re on the verge of building a gaming PC and worrying about the motherboard-GPU bottleneck. So, really, can motherboard bottleneck GPU?  The motherboard can definitely bottleneck GPU and matters for the overall performance of your computer. The reason is, it’s the part of the computer that connects other hardware parts … Read more

Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming in 2022 [+ Infographic]

Does Motherboard Matter for Gaming

The motherboard does not directly impact the gaming performance But the motherboard still matters as the connection speed it offers between hardware parts can significantly affect the performance A good motherboard will always offer a higher transfer speed and will lead to a better gaming experience and vice versa Let’s get it out there: Good … Read more

Do Motherboards Come With Screws [Definitive Guide 2022]

Do Motherboards Come With Screws

Motherboards do not come with mounting screws, you get them with the PC case The M.2 screws are provided with the motherboard Motherboards have various types of screws for their placement and for the placement of hardware parts on them Among the biggest confusions, new PC builders face is “do motherboards come with screws?”  Motherboards … Read more

How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without a CD? [2022]

How to Install Motherboard Drivers Without CD

Installing motherboard drivers is pretty convenient, this guide shows you how exactly you can install motherboard drivers without a CD You can use Windows Update to update all the device drivers on your computer Driver Booster is an amazing alternative for the manual installation of motherboard drivers or you can also download them from the … Read more